Cool Mom

      I love the fact that even though my children are all grown and away from home they still want to hang out with me! This is a blessing! Today my oldest daughter calls me after church and asks if I would like to meet her for lunch after church ( we attend different churches in neighboring cities). I of course said yes because time with my Christian Raye is limited with her busy schedule not to mention she is applying for a missionary position in Mexico that could begin as early as January. (YIKES! “I trust You Lord!”) But as she asks me I hear her ask her friends if it’s okay if I come…’sure she’s a cool Mom’ is what I hear in the background! Wow, I thought, I’m a cool mom? What does that mean? I love her friends, they are all college age and full of excitement. I enjoy hearing them discuss the Bible and their walk with the Lord and occasionally I get to encourage and even pray for or with her sweet friends.  The ministry of a Mom never ends although it changes a bit with each season of life, for this I am thankful! My hubby says, ” if our children still choose to hang out with us as adults we must have done something right!”  Cool Mom!💝